Benicàssim, Water Houses for the Rototom Festival

Benicàssim, Water Houses for the Rototom Festival

From this year we offer sustainability through REGGAE music from Sunsplash! Ecozona Iberian installed Water Houses for the Rototom festival of Benicàssim, which continued to promote initiatives to reduce the use of plastic containers at the concert venues.

After the excellent results obtained during the pilot experience launched in 2016 in the backstage, the famous Reggae festival decided this year to expand the water supply in all areas of the festival. Water Houses allow obtaining drinking water from the water mains at a convenient price, after complete chlorine and micro-plastics filtration treatment.

According to the agreement between Rototom and Ecozona Iberian, 47 water supply points are installed in different areas of the festival, allowing staff and customers to obtain quality freshwater, both natural and sparkling, using the resources of the drinking water network.

A big step forward in saving the enormous costs of transporting, storing and disposing of PET bottles!

The price of the service will be 0,50 € for each 0,35 cl glass. However, in the camping area, there will also be the possibility to get a prepaid card to access this service at a cheaper price: 1 € / litre, with a saving of 0,50 € per litre.

The Water House uses an activated carbon micro-filtration system, and a separating membrane device with salinity regulation that eliminates chlorine and micro-plastics, without eliminating minerals that are beneficial to the body.

This service allows users to obtain quality drinking water at low cost, to reduce the use of disposable plastic containers, minimizing the costs of disposal, transport and storage of disposable bottles. But above all, it reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere!!

The Water Houses for the Rototom festival will be located in the main areas of the site, backstage, workshop area, safety area and camping area.

This year the Sunsplash has also completely eliminated the use of plastic cups in bars, replacing them with reusable cups.

Small gestures that help the great project of environmental protection!