Ecozona Iberian, Who we are and what we do

Ecozona Iberian is a Start Up (LTD) specialized in the field of microfiltration, refrigeration, treatment and automatic distribution of water intended for human consumption.
The environmental impact produced by a major event has been studied in order to make it sustainable, with the creation of a PLASTIC FREE Format, which over the years has been successfully applied to major musical, cultural and sporting events.

The company deals with the production and marketing of
cooling systems, equipment, tools and accessories for purification and treatment of water for human consumption, with the ability to serve major events and festivals of 400.000 people and more.

Team Italia e Spagna

Marco Zanutto
CEO, Co-founder
Carmine D'Anna
Co-founder Engineer Industrial designer
Claudia Mattioni
Project Development and Sales Manager
Davide Tonutti
    Davide Tonutti
    Production manager

    Format No Plastic

    The NO PLASTIC Format is currently replicable in multiple realities, including the HoReCa. sector, and from this year it is applied to the automatic distribution of drinks and beer, mainly addressed to stadiumsand big events.

    Ecozona Iberian designs customized systems through the combination and development of technologies aimed at energy saving and zero plastic waste, with designs and materials that integrate with the architecture and furnishings of the place, respecting the environment.

    Scandinavia Partner

      Wetap DK
      Berith Vange Heinzl
      CEO/Partner - Sale, marketing, customer service
      Jesper Heinzl
      Partner - Sale and business development



        Sustainable water use

        Ecozona Iberian is associated and collaborates since its inception with leading companies committed to promoting sustainable water consumption, which have brought to the Ecozona Iberian project a 20 years know-how in the construction of machines adaptable to major events and urbanization.

        By installing sustainable Drinking Water Fountains and Water Houses we support the consumption of mains water, micro-filtered and without substances harmful to the body, eliminating micro-plastics down to 0,2 micron. The water becomes good, chilled (4°C), natural or carbonated, and available at km 0. The water becomes good, chilled (4°C), natural or carbonated, and available at km 0.

        The sustainable drinking Fountains of the new MAC line are suitable for any kind of environment, both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the 316 steel structure and the special design.
        The dispensing Panels can be installed in urban areas or in any indoor context, designed for stadiums and sports facilities.

        The Water Houses for FESTIVAL are lightweight to be installed and dismantled in a short time, are positioned directly on the site and connected to the national water distribution network. URBANIZATION Water Houses have a stronger structure to withstand bad weather, and have a 10-year warranty.

        Ecozona Iberian is an Italian-Spanish company, with registered office in Spain, Valencia, and production site in Italy, Udine.