The ideal place to host a Water House serving citizens is an area of potential strong turnout, equipped with convenient parking and good road conditions.
A bench, a pedestrian path, a grill for bikes, the shade of some trees, a flowerbed, are all elements that make the Water House a comfortable site.
But even in a busy square in the historic centre or inside a playground and training ground, the Water House offers a quality, clean, ecological, innovative eco friendly water supply service.
This is the best way to contribute to our planet’s safeguard!

What is needed?

Few infrastructures are needed to install a Water House:

  • A new base rather than an existing one with access for disabled people
  • A rough no-slip floor
  • A connection to public water and electricity
  • A grounding system and a water drain (even non-sewage as very few litres of water are drained per day)

The Water House can serve a community of about 7,000/10,000 people and dispense more than 3,000 litres of water per day, resists rain and wind and has a 10-years warranty.

Concerning smaller structures such as dispenser panel, box or vending water it is preferable to install them in a place sheltered from the weather, for example inside a building or under a porch.

In compliance with the Covid-19 anti-contagion rules, we realize complete projects for local authorities or public managers, designed to offer a capillarity distribution service, always respecting the environment and the territory.


We offer several opportunities for ADVERTISING on our Water Houses.
Choose the best one for you!

Multimedia Monitor

Send an ecological message through our 32″ MULTIMEDIA MONITOR in our Water Houses.
Your spot will be displayed more than 200 times a day!

Side panel

Do you want 1 square meter at your disposal to send a message to all users of the Water House?
We print your graphics on a FOREX panel that will be affixed to the walls of the Water House.

Festival e Grandi Eventi gadget brandizzabili

Rechargeable card

Equipped with a special wire that runs through the entire perimeter, the Ecozona Iberian Card can’t be demagnetized and therefore lasts over time.
It is very useful and CUSTOMIZABLE! We take care of the graphics!

Sustainability report

An annual or semi-annual sustainability report is drawn up. It summarizes the consumption data and the environmental benefits deriving from the application of the Ecozona Iberian NO PLASTIC FORMAT.

We highlight the quantity of no-produced plastic waste, the CO2 emissions not emitted, the quantity of oil not consumed for the production of PET bottles and their transport.