We plan the best solutions for a capillarity distribution service, avoiding queues and gatherings, taking into account the turnout times and the consumption history.
In compliance with Covid 19 standards, we design systems that integrate with the architecture of the site, the size of the stadiums and multi-sports facilities, and the furnishings of the accommodation facilities.
But above all we are committed to meeting the environmental requirements of eco-sustainability!

Ecozona Iberian helps you achieve some of the goals of the UN 2030 agenda

Who we are

Ecozona Iberian is a Start Up (LTD) specialized in the field of microfiltration, refrigeration, treatment and automatic distribution of water intended for human consumption.

Our target

Eliminate plastic and waste production related to the consumption of water, beer and soft drinks! Save energy and transport costs by making the product available at Km 0!

By combining various technologies related to the microfiltration of water, the dispensing, refrigeration and tapping of water, soft drinks and beer, we realize customized projects of self-service automatic distribution systems.
We design and produce systems that integrate into the reality of the location, with attention to architectural and furnishing features.
SUSTAINABLE Water Housesand Fountains for indoor and outdoor use. We design EXCLUSIVE PLANTS for different realities: URBAN (squares, public gardens, cycle paths, seaside promenades…) SPORTS (stadiums, sports facilities, gyms, events…) WORK AND SERVICE (hospitals, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants…)

Fontane Ecozona Iberian


  • The Water Houses are connected to the public water supply, therefore the supply is unlimited. In case there is no possibility of connection to the national water network, water can also be taken from a non-drinking basin, but in this case the production of drinking water is reduced, as the waste of non-drinking water will be rather high (30% drinking – 70% non-drinking).
    The water supply is still unlimited.

  • No, it comes out microfiltered. Chlorine, impurities and microplastics up to 0.2 micron are eliminated, keeping its organoleptic values unchanged, the water is much better to the taste and smell.

  • Yes, certainly, with the insertion of carbon dioxide, up to the required point.

  • About a year in the Ho.Re.Ca sector or domestic situations. It lasts on consumption in urban realities and in general for fixed installations, where consumption is higher.

  • About 2/3 days if it is not stored in the fridge, just like bottled water when it is opened and left out of the fridge.

  • At room and/or refrigerated temperature at 4/5°C

  • Have the availability of water, electricity and a drain.

  • Yes, the payment can be agreed in different ways (coins, cards and cashless)

  • A panel can dispense up to three different quantities: glass, half a litre or one and a half litre (e.g. at campsites for cooking)

  • Yes, the analysis is done for Ho.Re.Ca and festivals (before the event). For urbanization and fixed installations in general, a bacteriological examination is carried out twice a year, according to the self-control plan.

  • They are composed of activated vegetable carbons and added silver dust for the antibacterial effect. In the Ho.Re.Ca sector they are also added by ion exchange resins necessary, especially for coffee machines, to inhibit the formation of limescale.

  • That part, the compartment of the Water House where the water is dispensed, and where the information on the method of dispensing and payment is put. A panel can also be applied without the structure of the Water House (like an ATM, leaning against a wall, with the possibility of a space behind it for the filtration and refrigeration unit – for example in a pharmacy).

  • Up to three waters with different organoleptic values (light, mineral, oligomineral). It can be natural, slightly fizzy, sparkling or soda.

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