Ecozona Iberian also meets the needs of a sector that must mainly offer quality service. A service that, due to increasingly mandatory regulations, has to be clean, ecological innovative and eco friendly:
this is the best way to help our planet’s safeguard!

Ecozona advantages in the HoReCa Sector

Hotels, restaurants, bars and whoever offers a catering service, has an increasing need to invest in eco friendly actions and materials. Sector’s managers must firstly respond to the requests of an increasingly demanding clientele, but also obtain those awards that until recently were privileges of starry structures.

Ecozona Iberian supplies the Ho.Re.Ca. sector with a wide range of products for dispensing micro-filtered water and for tapping soft drinks and beer.

We create customized projects of systems that integrate with the architecture and furnishing of hotels and restaurants, always in compliance with Covid-19 standards.

Sustainability report

An annual or semi-annual sustainability reportis drawn up. It summarizes the consumption data and the environmental benefits deriving from the application of the Ecozona Iberian NO PLASTIC FORMAT. We highlight the quantity of no-produced plastic waste, the CO2 emissions not emitted, the quantity of oil not consumed for the production of PET bottles and their transport.