The filter unit

1. Filter unit

The water from the aqueduct first enters the pre-filter, then passes through the filter at 0.2 micron (the micron is equivalent to one thousandth of a millimetre) where all traces of chlorine are eliminated. Finally it passes through the UVC Lamp.

Ciclo dell'acqua

2. Cooling unit

The water coming from the filtration panel enters the cooling unit through two different pipes: one for natural water and one for the water that will be added with CO2.
Through long stainless steel coils, the water is cooled to a temperature of 4°C, the optimum temperature for the water to maintain its microbiological purity and easily bind to the CO2 molecules that make it sparkling. Then a part of the cooled natural water enters the dispenser panel and the remaining part, through a gassing system, is made sparkling and ready to be dispensed too.

3. Dispenser panel

The sparkling water and natural water are ready to be dispensed.
Automatic ozone sterilization takes place directly in the nozzles at each delivery. The nozzles are not visible as they are enclosed in a stainless steel shirt.
An automatic night-time sanitization without harmful chemical agents keeps the system in ideal conditions.

Pre-filter 5 micron
Ultrafiltration 0.2 micron
Activated carbon
Antibacterial Ag-Ioni

16 W UVC lamp with alarm

Overnight sterilization

Refrigeration 1 Hp100 lt< 4°C

Carbonation in cold saturator 3,5 lt
Pump 400 lt / hour

Added CO2, 6gr/litre with automatic exchanger

Precision volumetric counter

Led UV Sterilization

Bleed at the discharge nozzle, every 20 minutes of non-use

Ozonisation of nozzles at each delivery