Stadiums / Sports facilities

Our dispensing panels are designed for the automatic supply of water, soft drinks and beer.
We want to make stadiums and multi-sports facilities eco friendly, through the achievement of environmental goals attained by fixed installed systems.
With Ecozona Iberian sport can concretely contribute to our planet’s safeguard!

Dispensing panels

Dispensing panels can be easily inserted in the existing structure.

Water from the national water network is connected to Ecozona Iberian plant to be cleaned of chlorine, bacteria and micro-plastics through a microfiltration system. The water comes out clean and fresh from the dispensing panel. The same water can be used to make soft drinks using the post-mix technology, by mixing the water with the involved molasses (Coca-Cola, Fanta..)
The beer, on the other hand, is supplied from centralized tanks or special kegs and distributed by a dedicated Ecozona Iberian dispensing panel.

Projects are customized according the space available, but we tend to use separate panels for the three different supplies.
In a structure with little space we can provide a single cooling unit, and water and soft drinks can be combined in a single panel.
Beer can be cooled by the same cooling unit used for water and soft drinks, but must be dispensed from a dedicated panel.

Dispenser panel provides various payment options, from cash to cash less.

We carry out plant projects that integrate with the architecture in a functional and aesthetic way, in compliance of the Covid-19 regulations. We study solutions for a capillarity distribution service to allow users to serve themselves at different points, in order to avoid queues and gatherings.


Multimedia Monitor

Multimedia monitor located above the dispenser panel provides real-time savings data. It is also used for the live broadcast of the event, for various communications related to the event itself, security or other. Multimedia monitor is also an effective advertising space.

The sustainability report

An annual or semi-annual sustainability reportis drawn up. It summarizes the consumption data and the environmental benefits deriving from the application of the Ecozona Iberian NO PLASTIC FORMAT. We highlight the quantity of no-produced plastic waste, the CO2 emissions not emitted, the quantity of oil not consumed for the production of PET bottles and their transport.