Chilled Water Fountains in Valencia

Chilled Water Fountains in Valencia

Ecozona Iberian’s commitment to environmental safeguarding has met this year with the confidence of the Spanish municipality, which has installed chilled water fountains in Valencia to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bottles. Drinking water comes from the aqueduct, is micro-filtered, refrigerated and offered to citizens and tourists in the city’s three busiest spots.

The fountains comply with all the recommendations to avoid contagion from Covid-19 as there is no direct contact with the nozzle that delivers the water. They are designed to fill bottles or glasses through the contact of the container with a photocell. The user simply places the bottle under the dispensing nozzle.

The fountains have been placed in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, on the Malva-Rosa seafront, and in the City of Arts and Sciences, in the Turia.

The installation of the chilled water fountains in Valencia, was inaugurated in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento by the Councilor of the Integral Water Cycle, Elisa Valía, who highlighted the commitment of the municipality of Valencia and the Aguas de Valencia Foundation to promote the consumption of water from the national water network, and raise public awareness of the environmental impact of the consumption of bottled water.

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