Chilled Water Fountains in Valencia

Chilled Water Fountains in Valencia - Ecozona Iberian
Ecozona Iberian's commitment to environmental safeguarding has met this year with the confidence of the Spanish municipality, which has installed chilled water fountains in Valencia to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bottles. Drinking water comes from the aqueduct, is micro-filtered, refrigerated and offered to citizens and tourists in the city's three busiest spots. The...

Barcelona Iwater 2016

Barcelona Iwater2016
Ecozona Iberian participates in the first edition of the Water Fair, Barcelona Iwater 2016, presenting advanced solutions and products for integrated water management. It is positioned as the leading event at international level, with a technological and innovative approach. The fair deals with water catching, treatment and storage technologies, distribution, drainage and purification services. Measurement...