For more than 20 years, the Montelago Celtic Festival has been organising three days of festivities, where fairies, goblins, priestesses, Vikings, falconers and axe masters come together in an imaginary Fantasy celebrated with the music of harps, violins, bagpipes and electric guitars.

A great Celtic festival to experience a full immersion in music, literature and handicrafts, sports, gastronomy, Celtic games and much more, which is renewed every year and adapted more and more to sustainable choices.

The choice for this 2023 edition was to install 6 Ecozona Iberian Water Houses to avoid the use of PET plastic bottles, thus the production and disposal of plastic waste. A help to the planet and a clear message to participants on the festival trend, which has just obtained ECOEVENT certification from Legambiente.

As of this year, the Montelago Celtic Festival offered its participants good, fresh water, free of charge during 24 hours, in addition to the exclusive use of bio-degradable and compostable crockery and glasses and the free distribution of waste separation kits among the tents.

The Ecozona Iberian Water Houses have all been branded with special images and colours suited to the festival themes and have contributed to important environmental achievements:

  • 23,940 litres of water dispensed
  • 47,880 PET plastic bottles UNUSED
  • 99,015.84 Kg of CO2 NOT EMITTED into the atmosphere
  • 30,164 litres of UNCONSUMED PETROLEUM for the production of bottles and their transport

Also thanks to these data, the Montelago Celtic Festival is on its way to European certification for the sustainable management of large events. Ecozona Iberian is proud to contribute to this success!