The 2023 edition of WANDERLUST 108, the world’s only Mindful Triathlon, hosted Ecozona Iberian with four MAC-Valencia fountains, water stations where the numerous participants could fill their water bottles with good, fresh water, free of microplastics and chlorine.

Wanderlust 108 is a unique event where participants can try their hand at the three Mindful activities: running, yoga and meditation, also in virtual format, sharing with the community the values of a healthy and conscious life

The aim of the event is to offer an experience of inspiration and the search for the best version of oneself, awareness of who we are and what surrounds us. In this context, concrete actions to help the planet cannot be missed.

Ecozona Iberian and Wanderlust 108 supported the planet during these two days in Milan: the MAC fountains provided participants with a total of 640 litres of good, fresh water, avoiding the disposal of 1,280 PET bottles, i.e. 50 kg of plastic waste not produced.

This data is even more important in terms of saving CO2 (2,650 kg of emissions saved), PETROLEUM (806.30 litres not used for the production of the bottles and their transport) and WATER (6,400 litres not consumed for the production and packaging of the PET bottles)

Wanderlust 108 and Ecozona Iberian are going in the same direction: taking concrete action to bring awareness, increasing attention to everyday gestures that we can put into practice to decrease ecological damage.

Responsible drinking is a concrete act, which should be daily for everyone.