The environmentally friendly festival “Villa Ada Meets the World”

The environmentally friendly festival “Villa Ada Meets the World”

Ecozona Iberian participates with its Water Houses in the environmentally friendly festival “Villa Ada meets the World”.

In order to reduce the production of plastic waste and CO2 emissions as much as possible, the Rome festival, now in its XXVII edition, collaborates with companies involved in sustainable projects. A GREEN edition, the 2021 one, where even music cares for the environment!

This year, plastic bottles and glasses have been completely eliminated: thanks to the Ecozona Iberian Water Houses, participants use water bottles to be filled with natural or sparkling water, using a prepaid card that charges credit directly at the dispenser. The card is then collected in special containers to be refilled and reused.

A number of fountains dispensing free water were also installed on the back stage for the benefit of artists and organisers, so that the elimination of plastic is total, there is no plastic waste to dispose of, no storage costs and no transport costs for disposable PET bottles.

The micro-filtered, good, fresh, natural or sparkling water of the Water Houses is a 0 km product as it arrives directly from the water network, produces substantial economic savings for the festival organisation, and generates an important action in favour of the environment.

The environmentally friendly festival “Villa Ada meets the World” also encourages the use of sustainable transport such as bicycles and scooters, and promotes separate waste collection by installing several ecological islands.

Together with Ecozona Iberian and the other companies that participated in this event Villa Ada was able to achieve real savings and an environmental benefit! It’s a great goal, combined with the gratification of helping to raise awareness of sustainability.

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