Roma – KeepOn Live Fest becomes eco-friendly

Roma – KeepOn Live Fest becomes eco-friendly

Music is on the side of nature, environmental sustainability and commitment to a better world.

This year, the KeepOn Live Fest becomes eco-friendly, and during the two days in Rome it also addresses the issue of sustainability in live music environment.

Sustainability discussed in the debates, but also supported in practice, eliminating the use of plastic straight away!

At the event in the Italian capital, in fact, people drink in reusable and recyclable polypropylene glasses, and above all filled with good, fresh and healthy water, micro-filtered and refrigerated by the Water Houses!

So not only the container but also the substance!

Together with Ecozona Iberian, KeepOn live Fest becomes eco-friendly and offers drinking water from the network cleaned of chlorine and micro-plastics, by making it available in the various meeting places.

With the Water House in the concert area, water filtration and refrigeration machines in the site’s bars, and the Tower for the debating area, all participants in the various areas of the event could take advantage of good, fresh water free of harmful substances to the body.

At the event in Rome, on 12 and 13 September, it was shown that Plastic Free Music also exists and that with a little effort you can do great things for the planet!