Inauguration of the Water House in Manilva, Andalusia

Inauguration of the Water House in Manilva, Andalusia

The local news reports on the inauguration of the Water House in Manilva, Andalusia. This is the first installation of a Water House in Spain, and will contribute significantly to the protection of the environment.

The Water House, installed in Sabillinas in the Plaza Blas Infante, had an immediate and very positive response from the population for the quality and taste of the water supplied.

The water from the aqueduct passes through an activated carbon filtration system that cleans it from chlorine and microplastics. The cooling unit guarantees the freshness of the water at 4/5°C… Excellent refreshment for high Andalusian temperatures!

The price per litre is 0,10 €, both for still and sparkling water, by inserting coins. There is also the possibility to buy prepaid card at the price of 0,09 € per litre.

La Water House offers an ecological service at km 0. A service that saves transport costs of PET bottles, oil and CO2 emissions produced by trucks on the roads, water and oil used for the production of plastic bottles and disposal costs for PET bottles. It is also a great saving for families who will benefit from good, fresh and cheap water. But above all a great saving of plastic in support of the environment!

The inauguration of the Water House in Manilva was organised by the local authorities, who together with Ecozona Iberian have underlined the commitment of the Andalusian community to take increasingly significant steps in protecting the environment.